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Rule No.1; Don’t Kill Your Sugar Dad (1)

(Clears throat)

"My name is sheila".. Glances around.

(Sighs softly)

"Let me just state this here that this is the first time i am doing something like this"

"You mean killing someone"? The detective had a weird grin on his face.

"Yes that ..can i have a cigarette please?"

"Where you think say you dey sef?" The detective had a stern frown on his face now.
"Abeg talk make person commot here"

"Sorry sir, do you have to record" i asked with tears in my eyes

He didn't need words, the look in his eyes were enough. The words will be beaten out of me if i wasted further time.

I took a look at where i was and i thought of how i got here.

I have always fantasized about having the "baby girl" life and travel to interesting places like Thailand, New Zealand and Turkey as well as Abu dahbi.
"Well if you want to ball without limits then you need a sponsor"
I will never forget Abiola's voice in my head.

" Oya state your name for the camera and give your confession"
I was startled by Detective Azeez voice.

I am sure you are wondering what i did and what the hell i am doing here with the rotund detective yelling at me over the smell of body odor and the stench of piss.

Well if you are going to be a baby girl, certain rules apply. Rule no 1 : "Don't Kill Your Sugar Dad"

"You don ready now? Oya, what is your story"?

"My name is Sheila Oluwaseun Adeoye".. I was crying now...
"Mr Kunle Adetokunbo was my sponsor or Sugar dad..however you know it . well the thing...

(Shots fired)

(Loud scream)

"Ayyyyess make person hear word abeg"!
"Officer Kamiru"!!!

(Officer rushes in)
"Shun sir!!!"

"Wetin dey happen, why una dey shoot gun? Se e ti ya werey niyen? Abi you cant see i am in the middle of an interrogation?"

"Sorry sir! Accidental discharge sir!"
They were both shouting.

Other parts of the station hurled curses.

I was wide eyed.
Then the panic set in, what am i even doing here

"Oh my God ,oh shit ,oh shit" i was shaking, i stood up.

"Madam, where you dey go? We are not done yet"! Detective Azeez was yelling again.

All i saw were blank lights and then i remembered that Kunle was actually dead.
Then came the crying, actual ugly tears, sobbing the station down.

"The thing with sugar daddies is the control.
They enjoy that they can tell you; "wear this, come here, stop seeing that boy, i am coming to your house.
All of these random shit out of the blue sometimes in a week”.

"My beautiful princess" shit he don’t, wont say, can’t say, whichever category to his wife.
Even when he does, he knows what madam is going to say ; "Abeg Jor, shey that’s what you tell those small small girls outside".
"Kunle please if its sex you want this night. Its not working o".

The ones that responds to it get turned away once she takes off her clothes.
Weird proportion between the boob and waist or and bum or too much lumpy stuff it gets in the way to the vagina.

Azeez looked like he was enjoying this stuff but i was threatened not to cry and go straight to the point so i had to get started.

He gave a signal with his hands for me to continue with my story.
I was determined to be done with this as soon as possible but then i am a story teller so listen OK?

They say the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know. They were right. Kunle was a Yoruba devil, the one with the lying tongue. Imagine this being the best you’ve had, what else could be out there?
So i was with Kunle.

“We met on a fine Tuesday morning on my way to work. Yup..i once had a job.

He stopped right in front of me at the bus stop and offered to take me to work.”

Nice Benz, cute man so i definitely missed the ring.

Charlie acted like he knew me so i was comfortable. We had such a good conversation enroute to the office so at the end of the trip i gave him my number.

Days went by and no calls. As i was beginning to think i had "missed" a good one, Kunle called one early morning. I had just showered, getting ready for work. He asked for the description of my house.

15mins later after another phone call, he was at my gate.
"Do you mind a quick breakfast before work? I am feeling like breakfast today"

My silence and a smile gave him all the approval he needed.

Breakfast every Tuesdays before work at Radisson became our thing and we hung out every Saturday evening at the beach because i love the water.

Then we go to a hotel and fuck. This sounds like a fairy tale yeah? Not so bad? You might think.



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