Rule 2: Daddies like them young.

"Pure love cannot sustain in an imperfect world.
Did you know that's what Shakespeare was trying to say with Romeo and Juliet?"

Detective Azeez glanced at me, he looked at his watch as he had done about a 100 times already. He obviously had somewhere more important to be.

"A lot of people don’t know this but romeo and Juliet was a comedy- in the classic sense of things anyways- up until the tragedy. I think that is almost the case here.

"Madam nor be Romeo or Juliet I dey interrogate. Mi o raye oshi o.. I have places to be and its getting late. You think what you did is a comedy? of the classic kind?"


"Despite the fact that being with a married man kinda sorts you out, you still needed to prove your worth.
Prove that you are better than the wife, more proficient. You have to give him value, wipe out the guilt of cheating somehow."

"You had to show how much value you have, the waist twisting and quiet sheltering kind, something warm and slippery that can make him go;

**Yeee, omo yi fe paa mi!***

That was Kunle for you, always enjoying shit and being dramatic or maybe not, because I promise you, I have mad skills."

"Oh you do??"

Azeez looked at me in amusement as he said that. It also felt like I was a candy advert he was seeing on TV. You’d agree I sound like that.

“The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

About Kunle being a devil and a liar. I am sure you are wondering why i kept fucking him even though i knew it was wrong, and i might get hurt so i will tell you.

Men are like the stock market. You put your money in a high performing mutual fund and just leave it alone. You don’t pull your money out and invest in some sexy start up,99% of those companies fail and you will get fucked. So i left my money where it was.

That wasn't pretty either.

He lied to and probably about his wife all the time. He would be underneath me and go;

"Ifemi i am stuck in traffic, i will be with you soon"

"He would miss birthdays and make it up with ridiculously expensive gifts. Some times i buy the gifts. There was no doubt in my mind at those points, that i was crazy and no doubt whatsoever that he loved his wife and i loved him because of that.
Is that crazy?"

" is that a rhetorical question?" Azeez searched my eyes for an answer.
( silence)
" i would answer but what do i know?" There was the smirk again. I wonder what was funny this time.

"Let me tell you about my living situation".

( Silence)

(Azeez slams the table)

"I am already late for prayers and i will not be late for dinner!..wetin concern me , concern your living situation?

Already scared to the bursting of my bowels, i knew if i told him i needed to pee, all of hell will let loose.

"I need to tell you everything that happened, the way it happened." this time tears were pouring from my sockets.

(Azeez rolled his eyes)

" Get to the part where you killed him and how. I know you might feel obligated to tell us why, but that's not why we have you here. Just tell us what you did and how you did it for the record."

The impatience in his eyes, could never be missed. It was clear he had to be on time for dinner. He glanced at his "Malam Rolex" annoyed and anxious,at the same time.

"I used to live with my uncle. He was a nice and sweet man, but he was never around. I was left at the mercy of his wife who was a nice but really nosy. Her nosiness and “busy body” made her difficult to live with. I left them 8 months after i began to live with them and got a new place.

It was a small but sweet compound in Lekki phase 2. I got the boys quarter of a nice family. The woman who gave it to me was a nice, sweet woman whose husband had left. They had a daughter, Bimbo."

Sweet face, nice shape, beautiful inside and out. As i thought about Bimbo and her mother, the tears came pouring down even more.

With all of my time with Kunle i tried to keep that life away from my house and my family. He was Supposed to always tell me when he was coming to see me but whenever we saw, it was always at hotels.

Bimbo and I grew close, even if she was 5 years younger than me. I have never seen a more happy and ambitious 18 year old. She had a glimpse of daddy issues which made her stubborn and hungry to do grown up things like go to the club or go out at night.

"Kunle liked to mess with young girls"
The seemingly surprising realization made another tears to drop.

" i realized this when he showed up unannounced to my house. Bimbo was laid out on the bed, tiny waist and arms with an ass too big for her body."

" As he laid eyes on her, he enquired her age, and everything else. Once he knew she was 18, he started calling me agbalagba."

A familiar fear started crippling up inside of me.
Do you understand why i did it now?
Is it clear to you that i fell in love with a monster?
Isn't the world supposed to be a better place now?

Do you agree with me?



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